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Pam Franks, 2017
Cross Cultural Health Service
Award Recipient.

Pam Franks was honored at the
2013 Tribute to Women


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Pamela Franks

Pam’s involvement with refugees has spanned over many years. She has assisted refugees from Somalia, Sudan, Burundi, Bhutan, Burma and Syria on multiple levels and is highly respected in the international community. After realizing refugees were her passion, she started a Christian non-profit organization in 2009 called Embrace the Nations.

Pam’s love for the nations started when she and her husband moved to Guatemala in the early 80's. During their five-year stay, she helped lead the medical outreach of a large Christian organization and planned medical clinics into remote parts of the country. Both of their children were born on the field.

After their international assignment, the family moved to Omaha where Pam worked as an RN for 20 years. Part of her nursing career involved educating healthcare professionals on cultural competency and on the many people groups living in Nebraska. She spoke regularly in Omaha and in surrounding cities teaching medical personnel.

Pam has also worked as the Missions Director of Good News Church since 1997 and still holds this position. Her responsibilities opened doors to friendships with internationals from all over the world and opportunities to lead mission teams to multiple locations outside of the US.

In addition to her work in multiple refugee communities, Pam is passionate about the public becoming better educated regarding the international populations in the city. In 2011, she conducted Refugee Awareness Training for 800 Omaha Police officers, the first of its kind. She has spoken often to healthcare professionals, churches, businesses, educational institutions and other service organizations.

Pam has a unique pulse on the international community and a wealth of knowledge and experience to share from. Her love for refugees and other foreign born continues to grow.