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Pam Franks, 2017
Cross Cultural Health Service
Award Recipient.

Pam Franks was honored at the
2013 Tribute to Women


Life Skills

Life skills equip refugees with vital information that impacts their everyday life. This includes topics such as budgeting, vehicle maintenances, laws, parenting, winter care and more!


Kids Groups

Children of all ages enjoy being with Embrace the Nations volunteers. We value each child and build caring relationships with them. Kids also learn stories and Christian principles from the Bible.


Teen Ministry

For many, the teenage years are challenging. This is especially true for refugess who are viewed as outsiders by their peers. Our volunteers help make this transition easier through caring support and sound Biblical teaching.


Family Advocacy

The mission of Family Advocacy is to see more refugees from all backgrounds have access to the Gospel and to have a Christian friend. This Christian friend also helps empower the family by helping meet holistic needs.


Partnering with Academia

Word has gotten out around the city about our work with refugees! Academia is excited to partner with us because they see the value of exposing students to international populations and their special needs early on.


Special Events

Occasionally, special events are planned that provide fun for the children and the families.


ESL — English as a Second Language

While currently limited, ESL classes have been a major focus of Embrace the Nations for many years. Assistance in learning the English language is invaluable to any refugee as it is the key to assimilation.