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Pam Franks, 2017
Cross Cultural Health Service
Award Recipient.

Pam Franks was honored at the
2013 Tribute to Women


Embrace the Nations addresses the need for increased awareness among the public regarding the presence of refugees in our city.

How can Embrace the Nations benefit your organization?

As refugees continue to arrive and settle in our communities, their presence impacts the city at multiple levels. The very fabric of our communities is constantly changing. Service organizations, housing, law enforcement agencies, civic organizations, educational systems from pre-school to college level, healthcare i.e. clinics, hospitals, long-term care, etcetera and businesses of all kinds are affected. Most employees and business owners find themselves unprepared to successfully interact with these new neighbors because so little is known about them.

Getting Answers:

Knowing where refugees come from, how they get to the United States, why they come and what happens when they get here can begin to decrease stressors that are caused by the “unknown.” Awareness about cultural differences can dramatically increase positive outcomes as you, the learner, are now more empowered to communicate effectively with refugees.

Many professionals including physicians and nurses, medical students, businesses, churches and service organizations have benefitted from training conducted by Embrace the Nations. Some of these are:


National Association for Translators and Interpreters

OPD (Omaha Police Department)
Refugee Awareness Training
for all 800 police officers in 2011


Omaha Public Schools


  • Bridge to Care

  • Medical students

  • College of Nursing